There's been a lot of talk on the internet about the Grammys, and their horrible hard rock/metal (lack of) support. I personally think it's ridiculous how many sub-categories for all the other genres, when they only have the one for hard rock/metal. There are always some big metal names up for the award, and only occasionally is the award given to the band the hard rock/metal community believes should win.

There has been a lot of bashing on this year's winner, Halestorm. Well, not really on them, but on their winning. Arejay Hale isn't offended by the talk, though.

We're not offended by that stuff at all. We think people should be as honest as they want to be. Honestly, I thought LAMB OF GOD would've won. What's interesting is that they influenced the song we won for. We love LAMB OF GOD; in fact, all the other nominees are bands we grew up looking up to. There were such legendary artists in that category and maybe we're just the ones that got picked to would represent the new guard. But that's not our call.

via AOL Noisecreep

Give Halestorm a break, they're a great band, and they didn't pick the winner of the award. I'm looking forward to seeing them again here in El Paso. If you missed them before, here's a video from one of their last shows here.