The Grammy's isn't the funniest of award shows but Steve Wonder decided to have a little fun with the audience when announcing the 2016 "Song of the Year."

Stevie Wonder was surrounded by some other singers (Pentatonix) but they don't matter because all eyes were on Stevie as he flashed the audience the envelope containing the winner for the award they were presenting. Everyone seemed to be shocked that he just let the envelop hang open towards the camera but he laughed as the winner was written in braille.

Stevie just laughed and taunted the audience as he sang in Na Na Na Boo Boo form, "You can't read it, you can't read braille." I know I thought it was a funny moment because it was so unexpected. The best part is Stevie taking a moment to share a special message after his joke of the importance to make many things accessible for those with disabilities.