A Venezuelan man, Henry Damon, 37, has reportedly tattooed his face red, had sub-dermal implants and had his nose surgically removed to look like the Marvel villain Red Skull. Here are the results.

To each his own, I guess. But, if you’re going to mutilate yourself to look like a fictional character, I’d think you’d want to get it right.

Señor Damon…

1.) Red Skull is MUCH redder. Much.
2.) What’s with the black and red color scheme? Red Skull is ALL RED. You look more like Darth Maul.
3.) Red Skull has brow ridges, but nothing like what you’ve done here. Did you get Worf confused with Red Skull?? This is unacceptable.
4.) You could have just worn a mask. The original Red Skull wore a red mask of a skull until he was eventually chemically scarred by his own “Dust of Death”. You see? Even a genocidal Nazi wouldn’t willingly make his self look like that permanently.