STAND BY: The video below takes awhile to load. 


This is what happens when the guy at the taco truck tells you they are fresh out of fish tacos during Lent. I'm glad to report that no tacos were injured in the making of this fight.

The video starts off with two chicks pulling at each others hair on the ground while another girl kicks the chick in purple. Out of nowhere,  a  random guy runs up to the scene trying to separate the girls on the floor. After that, the random guy pushes one of the other girls forcing the guy holding the purse to defender her. Notice the guy holding the purses tosses it to the floor ever so gently while keeping his eye on the guy so he can deliver a punch to the face. That takes some serious skill.

A guy who reminds me of Ezal from Friday, notices the purse is all alone on the floor and picks it up. I love how he walks away with the purse and screams,'Ya'll tripping.' Thug life.

For some strange reason this fight reminded me of the 'Taco Shop Drag Queen Brawl.' Check it out below.

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