Our inner child still gets excited when we see an actual grown-up replica of your favorite past Hot Wheels dream car. There are some cars that will take you back to those days of hand racing your way to snagging the one you wanted to use during playtime. It took skill to be able to score the most-liked car every damn time.

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Sometimes if you're lucky, you will be able to spot your past favorite Hot Wheel cars in person. But this time around it hits different to see a replica of what would be on your Hot Wheels top favorites list as a child then and still now. But you will know exactly what I mean after you have one of those Hot Wheels moments.

Normally in California, you have a better chance of seeing a replica of your past favorite Hot Wheel's car. I remember having quite a few favorites when I played Hot Wheels with my cousin Mikey.

I would be in grown-up Hot Wheel heaven while visiting California with my family. In the Los Angeles area cars and trucks that remind you of Hot Wheels are seen all around. So I would like you to share if this picture was taken in Los Angeles or El Paso.

Do you see this rose-colored Beamer existing in or outside of El Paso? This Beamer is bright and beautiful that would make anyone do a double-take to glance its way. So place your vote on where you believe this rose gold Beamer is at, Los Angeles, California, or El Paso, Texas. After voting on whether you think the car's picture was taken in EP or LA, the correct answer will receive cheers after voting. If you're incorrect, then you will receive a message about the force being strong with you.

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