A prankster decided to help cheer up some nerds with his sweet dance moves and portable speaker. Don't try this prank at work, you might be fired.

The library is usually seen as a quite place where you can get lost in a book. This guy decided to film himself break out in awesome rave moves , right in the middle of a library. Don't get any ideas people, I think El Pasoans wouldn't react as quietly as these people.

We should have more random raves in all workplaces and universities. The days drag on but this new rave requirement could possibly improve grades and work productivity. I could also be making the greatest excuse to start more prank videos, but I bet you think this is starting to sound like a good idea.

I am looking at you, UTEP, to start giving students random raves at the library. You already take all our money, the least you can do is let us dance!