Most guys probably pass time during wedding festivities by drinking a few beers and catching up with relatives. These guys decided to see if they could kick pineapples off one of the groomsmen's head.

I am curious to know who thought this was a good idea, but even more curious to know why there are bananas hanging out of their zippers? It doesn't really matter because they have created internet gold with their lame attempt to be ninjas.

They should have known this idea wasn't going to work, after their struggle to get one of the guys to balance a pineapple on his head. When they finally do get the pineapple to stay still, the guy who attempts to kick the pineapple completely misses.

If missing the pineapple didn't bring enough shame to the guy, he also falls flat on his back and ends up kicking the guy balancing the pineapple in the genitals. Stick to spending time with the family during wedding festivities.