Due to a lumber shortage, your favorite guitar(s) may not be available much longer !

A shortage of specialty woods (and lumber overall) may mean the end of one of the most important inventions of all time.

Henry Juszkiewicz, chief exec of the firm which makes Les Pauls, says:

deforestation and over-harvesting has led to a chronic shortage of rosewood, maple, ebony, mahogany and spruce.

And it could mean the end of the guitar as we know it.

Read more and see a video on the subject at rocknewsdesk.com

If we get to this point, can you imagine the "runs" on guitar shops and the prices that will be asked for even the crappiest guitars??  Can you even begin to imagine a "wood guitar"-less world?

(I'm sure someone will come up with a composite or something, but still.)

Pray this does not happen folks!!

Hopefully everyone can come together and find a way to avoid this tragedy!