It's something El Paso is extremely well known for but, I don't know about the whole state...

A recent article listed the foods each state is famous for and the answer for Texas was kinda surprising. Tex-Mex got the nod as Texas' most famous food. WTF? One, that's a style of cooking not an actual dish and, two, Texas has always been all about the beef. C'mon now, BBQ...especially brisket...should have owned Texas' number one spot.

Sorry MSN, I disagree with you on this one. Go anywhere in Texas, even right here in the Mexican food/Tex-Mex capital of the world, and find a bbq joint. The Rib Hut, Mo'z BBQ or Tony's The Pit BBQ for example. You'll see!

Now, as for New Mexico, they totally got that one right. The green chile! Seriously, they should change the state's motto to: "Red or Green?" Hatch green chiles, in particular, are known to chefs, foodies and chile lovers all over the world. To see the number 1 foods in other states, click here.