Everyone said I was hard to shop for and that I should pick out my own present.  So I did.......

First of all, I'm not that hard to shop for.  Coors Light is plentiful, inexpensive and readily available at a store near you!  Bass strings work too but, anyway .......

I really did decide to get myself a present this year SO on Thursday, I picked up this:

Have I got taste in gifts or what?

Thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes my way on facebook and in person, thanks to Viva Powersports for having things ready on my birthday, to my daughters Ash and Lex as well as my Mom and Yta for wrecking my office!  (Not to mention an unforgettable weekend! \m/)

Much love to my KLAQ familia also, especially those appearing in the vid that Yta made!!  Academy award winning performances, each and every one.

You guys rock!!