If there were an award for the coolest senior citizens it would go to these two right here. This elderly couple sure did try their best trying to chug their drink in this game. These two I believe called the game "Garage Door Assisted Corona Chugging Challenge" which the name does fit. You would think this kind of drinking game would not be done by a couple of grown folks. I believe this couple may have started a new viral chugging challenge to do while in quarantine.

Barstool Sports viral is helping this couple go viral by sharing their experience. It is really simple to play but you must have a garage wherever you reside. The items you would need to play are beers, duct tape, a garage, and robes. If you don't mind getting your clothes wet than disregard the robes. You just tape the beers to the garage door, assign someone to press the garage opener, and assume the position. If you're wanting to try a fun activity while in quarantine then this is definitely it.

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