Funny how my favorite television show gave me some assistance for a drinking game with our local news anchors. So the other night I stumbled across a marathon playing from one of my favorite shows on the A&E network. I caught the perfect Storage Wars episode that got me thinking of things I noticed about certain anchors reporting for El Paso. The Storage Wars episode I caught was the one Laura Dotson is made out of a drinking game when she hosts an auction without her husband. In that particular episode, Laura Dotson is turned into a drinking game and you have to take a swig for each time she says, "Folks." Now everyone has a different type of drinking pace when they drink. But if your drinking type is swallowing big gulps in a quick manner then you may drink a few beers during that episode.

Well, there are some El Paso anchors that you see on a daily basis if you watch the news religiously. If you watch the local news Monday through Sunday then you begin to notice certain quirks the anchors have. It is like you begin to catch what they do or how they say something and in a way, it becomes their trademark. Like Chief Meteorologist, Monica Cortez from KTSM 9 and how she closes her weather report. She has this awesome way of how she pitches her closing line. She isn't the only one you began noticing their trademarks.

Nate Ryan, Sports Anchor/Reporter for Abc 7 news is your man to use for an informing drinking game. My 9-month-old definitely enjoys watching him when it is his time to report on Abc 7 news. She is part of the reason why I thought Nate Ryan would make the perfect drinking game. In my opinion, I believe he smiles the most out of all local anchors unless it's the kind of report that's concerning. If you have seen his reports then you know he smiles the majority of the time the spotlight is on him. When he would be smiling during his report my daughter would be smiling right back. Every day and time. You can see the proof for yourself above when he retweeted our tweet. So for every time that Nate Ryan would smile, you would have to drink. But if he continuously smiled then that would mean you have to chug instead of taking a quick swig. Just see some of his work in the video above from KVIA Abc 7's YouTube channel. If you don't recover easily then make sure to try this drinking game at home the day before your day off from work.

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