Back in 2010, El Paso didn't really have the attractions we have and are getting this new year. It's no wonder these grown El Pasoans are having to rely on creating their own kind of fun.

In 2010 we didn't really have a lot of attractions that we now have. We are anxiously waiting for the other attractions that will be opening soon. For example, Top Golf will be opening their doors soon which will save us from resorting to a baby swing. Another attraction that will be arriving in 2019 is the new Aquatic Center that will be built in far East El Paso. These people above knew how to turn boredom into excitement at the Westside Rec. You can assume these El Pasoans won't be swinging on baby swings after the attractions open up... Well, maybe they will STILL have a little occasional fun with the baby swing.

Thankfully El Paso is expanding by giving us more than a couple entertaining things to do!