Murals at Fort Bliss was started by Lindsay Hamilton, a former Fort Bliss resident who got the idea for this project while studying at UTEP.

Tracy Yellen, president of the Paso Del Norte Foundation, told the EP Times that:

“The idea is to connect a soldier who has moved to this region and who may or may not be here for very long and connect them to this incredible area.”

Back in the day, soldiers would be stationed here several times and would get to know the area. In today's world though, soldiers are often here only once and then move on so, they don't really get to know El Paso. The murals are meant to help them learn more about the area as well as giving non military El Pasoans a reason to visit the base and get to know it as well.

If you would like to help, donations to the project can be made at or through an online account.