Giancarlo Stanton put on an absolute show last night. 61 home runs! In one night! To give you some perspective, Todd Frazier hit 42 last night. And those are the two highest total home runs in one derby.

Now you could easily say that rules have changed, and there's more of an opportunity. But don't forget that each swing, especially a home run swing, does take energy. And if you've never gone to a batting cage and just hit and hit and hit, go do it. It takes a lot out of you.

Before I get to some of the best moments in derby history, I have to make sure to mention Mike Piazza. The only player in MLB history to not hit a single home run, not once, but twice. A big 'ole fat goose egg in '93 and '94. But, on that note, here are some of the greatest and most memorable moments from previous home run derbies. And BTW, if you give a crap about steroids, home runs aren't for you.