When I was about 9 years young my brothers and I went to a friends house to watch scary movies. We saw one that, by todays standards, you might find kinda cheesy. I even find it kinda cheesy. I still can't watch it though, it just freaks me out for some reason.

The movie, "Pet Sematary", is about a family that finds out that a nearby cementary has reanimatory qualities. (Basically, pets buried there come back. Not necessarily for the better.) At one point in the story their 4 year son dies and ... yup, you guessed it ... the father decides to bury him in the Pet Cementary. To this day Cementaries give me the creeps. Especially Concordia Cementary. Its just so big (it borders I-10 on both sides ... C'mon!) and so many of its inhabitants died in such tragic and violent circumstances.

Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images
Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

My second scariest movie? The original "Texas Chainsaw Massacre". (Not that lame remake from 2003. For some reason, the 70s versions "lack" of technology just breeds fright.)  I saw this movie once and that was more than enough. Obviously, it scared me but on top of that its actually based on true events!  Lastly, I saw it just a couple of days before I was actually moving to El Paso. TEXAS.

My brother and I made the drive but, upon reaching Texas, he decided that it would be cheaper to camp out rather than find a hotel. Yeah, you can just imagine my response to that, "HELL NO" (with a few curse words in between). Fortunately, it started to rain. He changed his mind, we found a hotel and both lived to complete our journey.

My advice for watching scary movies?  Watch them in the daytime ...  followed by something funny. Like an episode of Family Guy!  :)

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