Without a doubt, one of the prettiest places to visit if you live in Arizona, or the United States, is the Grand Canyon National Park. It's considered one of the 7 Wonders of the World for a reason. You can hike, take a river raft ride in the Colorado River, or take a mule ride in the mountains.

But one of the coolest sights is seeing a waterfall IN the canyon. Well now we can see what it looks when it rains heavily IN the Grand Canyon like thanks to a user on Instagram named freelancefunhog.

How rare are waterfalls in Grand Canyon?

So there ARE different waterfalls inside the Canyon itself; like the Havasu Falls. The only problem with SEEING the waterfalls inside Havasu Falls; it's not for a casual hiker & it's a bit of a process to witness the Falls for yourself. But if you DO go, it's worth it.


But if you want to see waterfalls for yourself, just watch this video uploaded onto Instagram.

The IG user, freelancefunhog posted this video originally on October 24th, 2022 while taking a river raft ride inside the Canyon. Usually the monsoon in Arizona is between July to September. But last year, the state experienced heavy rain in the month of October. As a result, much of the rain made its way inside the canyon. And what we got was this:

The video made its way onto the popular Arizona Instagram page called "Welcome to Arizona" where the video got a huge amount of additional views. This type of video is pretty rare; usually during monsoon season heavy flooding can be a big problem so seeing the rain cause these waterfalls is certainly a sight to behold.

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