Traffic can be a buzz kill on the source you rely on every day for entertainment while stuck in traffic. When I was caught up in traffic that was at a standstill I quickly remembered the time I was stuck in traffic in California. But that time I was in California traffic it wasn't so bad because of all the graffiti murals that I got to observe. Which got me thinking about how traffic wouldn't be so bad if we had that to look at. El Paso traffic that's usually at a standstill is between I-10 West at Executive Center and Shuster. That area where traffic is still the drivers could have a potential view. Imagine transforming the mountain near the freeway by Utep into a mountain of art. I bet drivers wouldn't be so upset about sitting still in traffic if they had something to admire. In California they have all kinds of art displayed all over the freeways which make traffic tolerable. So if you think it would be neat to admire art while in standstill traffic take the poll below!

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