2016 has been quite an interesting year. It seemed like every other day we were losing someone talented and famous. From David Bowie to Prince to Muhammad Ali. But there were of course other story lines from 2016. Maybe you heard there was an election this year.

The Olympics happened in Rio with the storyline of what the Hell did Lochte and those other swimmers do at the gas station, and are they still being shaken down for money by the Rio government.

We had two sports with long overdue champions in the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Chicago Cubs. Yup, 2016 was the year we finally got to see the Chicago Cubs win a World Series. And just watch, they'll win one more and the fan base will quickly see how the rest of the country goes from enjoying a lovable loser, to hating a team that wins. Just ask Red Sox fans.

So in honor of 2016, here is Google's 'Year In Search 2016'