If the peanuts and the fruits were bashed into jelly by a battleaxe I guess.

Seriously; golf evokes images of country clubs, stuffy rich people in weird clothes and green jackets.  Not tattoos, piercings and long hair!

There are a lot of rockers hitting the links these days. Alice Cooper has always been an avid golfer but more and more rockers are taking a swing at the game these days.  I myself have pulled a few strings at Painted Dunes and Santa Teresa Country Club to get bands some "green time" to unwind before a show.  (Avenged Sevenfold scared a couple of old people half to death playing the Spanish Dagger the day I hooked them up!)


Sully from Godsmack digs it to.  (There's a great "shot" of him and the boss, Kevin Vargas, golfing in our office!)

Nicko McBrain from Iron Maiden and Chris Fehn from Slipknot are also into it and now Nicko is trying to get a reality show (like we need another one of those) about rock stars that golf on the air.  It's called "Livin' The Dream".  (The website mentioned in the video isn't up yet.)

There's also a "Livin' The Dream" tournament between actors and rock stars!  (Instead of the "green jacket", they go after the leather jacket!)

Kind of hard to imagine That Metal Show losing viewers to the Golf Network huh??