Late last year, Bird scooters were available downtown in the Sun City for, like, three days! I didn't get a chance to test it out but our very own Lisa Sanchez did and it looked hella fun. Unfortunately, due to a lack of a permit from the city, the scooters were yanked away from us El Pasoans before many had a chance to try them! Fortunately, for me, during my most recent trip to the City of Angels I found scooters! I got to try them out and it was AWESOME!

Don't get jelly, though, El Paso, because we too are getting our very own scooters now! Glide Scooters has announced that they've successfully obtained a permit from the city and will be launching TODAY (Fri. April 5) at 3 PM in Downtown EP!

Starting since October of last year, Glide Scooters has been working closely with the City of El Paso hosting events where you could test drive their scooters and learn more about the do's and don'ts of using the scooters in the city. It all paid off because now we can glide our way through downtown EP and it all starts today at 3 PM!

The best part of all this? They're local! All you have to do is download their free app (Glide Your City) and you'll get to enjoy 50% off your first ride! So get the app, get your scooter and glide your way through Downtown EP!

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