Long Island influencers Glassjaw are bringing their hardcore classics to Tricky Falls this November! Find out where to snag your tickets!

Glassjaw is a band that is known for their high intensity live shows as well as being one of the most influential bands of the post-hardcore genre. The band has gone through several lineup changes throughout the years, but fans have been loyal throughout the years and can't wait for them to release a new album. The last time fans got new music from the band was 2011's "Colouring Book" EP but we haven't had a full album all the way back since 2002's Worship and Tribute.

The band hasn't performed in El Paso in a few years so we are excited to see them back in the Sun City again!

Tickets are $26 now and you can purchase them at the TicketFly websiteTricky Falls is located at 209 South El Paso Street in downtown El Paso.

Find out more details about this event at the Facebook Event Page.

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