I had always wanted to check out the Wyler Aerial Tramway since it has been running. Until earlier this month someone surprised me with a tour on my day off.

I can only handle so much height but was definitely feeling the shakes with this surprise. I remembered stories about people getting stuck and had been worrying it would also happen to me. Well, I am glad I got over a fear and went up, up, and away on top of the mountains. After getting to the very top is when you realize those few minutes of fear were so worth it. The view was beyond amazing and even left you feeling at peace. Earlier today I learned that Wyler Aerial Tramway has closed their doors until further notice. If you didn't get to experience this amazing experience you may be kicking yourself in the butt now. Even though they have passed annual inspections they had to close due to surpassing its life expectancy. Luckily, I had the best wingman to show me where my work was from the top of the mountain.

Cross your fingers we will be able to escape to the top of the mountain again!

Veronica Gonzalez