Nothing is greater than pulling a prank on your friend that involves common sense and yet she STILL doesn't get it! A couple of her dude friends thought it would be a hilarious to show us she doesn't get car stuff.

Tyriq TV some how got a hold of a coupon that doesn't actually exist in the real world but does just to pull stunts like this. The guys tell her that just because she is a chick she gets the blinker fluid for free with that coupon. This chick clearly has her dad take care of any car problems she faces if she actually believes blinker fluid exists. Even before I started driving I knew this blinker fluid didn't exist but after seeing this apparently not everyone knows. After viewing this we can safely assume her parents are going to probably give her a car lesson.

You should definitely pull this prank on someone you know who has other people take care of the simple tasks on their car!

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