One thing I will never understand is why girls get into physical fights.    Do girls think this is a cool thing to do?  Do they think this is attractive to the opposite sex?  Here is a fight that went down at some place called Tacos El Gavilan in Downey, California after a rodeo.   These chicas are not dressed for fighting.  Check out the skanky dresses they are wearing.  That's not fighting attire!  Check out the sparkly silver chanclas!  Who would want to put those in danger?  Aye, and the hair pulling.  I didn't see weave fall out, but it could have happened.  I just don't get it.  The funniest part is  how long it took before anyone decided to jump in and stop the fight!  Someone finally acted responsibly!  It's not clear who won.  Have you ever actually seen a girl fight in any of our local taco joints?  Please let me know if you have and where it happened so I can avoid it like the plague!