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During these troubled times is when a "just because" surprise is much needed. There are so many people who are hurting in so many ways during the Covid-19 crisis. Some couldn't say goodbye to relatives while some feel homesick and yearn to see family. These have been really tough times for all of us lately. Lately, I have noticed a new trend spreading according to my social media newsfeed.

I have seen friends and friends of friends and their friends sending out gifts to family and friends. The gifts are no ordinary gifts they're purposefully made for times like these. This is a neat way to let you know that you're important to someone. The unique gifts that are worthy right now can be found on Amazon. But I made it easier for you to just scroll down to see the variety of quarantine gifts.

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    Social Distancing Kits

    This tasty survival kit seems like the best one by far from the others online. There is even a candle and popcorn with other delicious snacks. This care package has all sorts of goodies to go around.

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    Quarantine Care Package

    I would love it if someone mailed me a survival kit of Jolly Ranchers. But this one is a candy gift box that is perfect for sweet tooth lovers.

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    Fun Quarantine Survival Kit

    A fun survival kit can be a basket full of funny gag gifts. A perfect example of a fun survival kit would include the card game Cards Against Humanity. You can either make your own or just order a fun kit that is already made.