A pair of giant pick axes are finally being built near the entrance to UTEP and yep, it's going to screw up traffic a little more.

Construction originally began in February but was delayed while special lighting elements were shipped in. According to elpasoheraldpost.com:

The first pick tower to go up will be the one next to the University’s S-3 parking lot across from the planned Interdisciplinary Research Building. Both westbound “flyover” lanes to University Avenue will be closed during construction. Motorists will need to exit at Schuster Avenue. The contractor will finish that project by adding an estimated 120 feet of metal guard railing.

The second pick will be along the freeway’s eastbound lanes across from the S-4 parking lot north of University Avenue. Crews will shut down the two right-hand lanes starting about 500 feet before the Schuster Avenue exit ramp. The ramp will not be closed by construction.

Please note the highlighted lane closures!

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