The initial site chosen by the city calls for the destruction of historic buildings and the relocation of families who have lived in the area for generations.

There are other options but, city council isn't interested.

The railroad yard downtown would be perfect but, according to the El Paso Times, city council shot that idea down because: "Union Pacific would want to close streets at several railroad crossings, costing millions of dollars and disrupting traffic." (Like the city has a problem with spending money or disrupting traffic...)

Union Pacific spokesman Jeff DeGraff says there have been no talks with the city about this at all though.

“Union Pacific has not had formal or specific conversations with city personnel about an arena project.” “We have, however, maintained our position that the city should fulfill its commitment to close the four remaining grade crossings related to a prior deal before embarking on any new, joint business ventures.”

Apparently, the city still owes Union Pacific some things. It also appears that, once again, city council has made up it's mind where it wants the arena and isn't going to consider anything else.

No big surprise there.


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