Ghost Adventures spotted in town. Image via: Snapchat

A couple of my sources let me in on an exclusive tip after they spotted the stars of the hit Travel Channel show 'Ghost Adventures' in the Sun City this week.

This is great news because the new Ghostbusters movie comes out in theaters and their TV show returns to the travel channel. During the first episode the group of fearless investigators will visit the infamous Nevada State Prison. As you know, The Ghost Adventures team investigates the most notorious haunted places in the world.

The image to the left shows the stars of 'Ghost Adventures' were definitely in town this week. The image, which is from Snapchat appears to have been taken near the Coffee Box in El Paso this week.


Fernando Cuevas

This week they are taking a trip to Concordia Cemetery where it's believed to be haunted. One of the more famous stories is the spirit of John Wesley Hardin still haunting the place with his infamous outlaws and their horses. Apparently, you can hear them stomping around late at night.

My coworker Mike Martinez posted a photo of a creepy girl at El Paso High. Since we all know some cheerleader died there because she couldn't deal with the break up. Check out the photo [HERE]

Fernando Cuevas
Fernando Cuevas

I'm working on getting them in the studio to talk with us about their investigation here in El Paso and much more. P.S. if you play Pokemon-Go there are a couple of them at that spot.