There are a few places in El Paso where you can get your zen on when you need to. Luckily, our options keep growing since there is a new place to add to that list of yours. If you ever tried gardening on your own and successfully failed, no worries. You can actually master and upgrade your gardening skills at this new garden center in El Paso. El Paso County Master Gardeners Center is so serene to be around. Not only that, but it can also teach you a few things about gardening. You can learn so much about how to master gardening skills and finally grow something for once. I've tried gardening several times that were successful fails instead of an accomplished mission. But now that this garden center exists, I can finally get the help I need to finally achieve my garden goals. Their website sure is helpful for any sort of gardening issues you may need help with.

Also, since the pandemic has been getting out of hand lately in El Paso, they aren't open to the public. But one thing they are doing to help you out is offering October gardening tips online. You can read more about how to plant seasonal plants that do better in cool weather. The El Paso Master Gardeners social media page updated frequently to help you out in the gardening department. They're also holding a Poinsettia sale and all proceeds will benefit the El Paso County Gardeners Association. You can get all the help you need for gardening tips through the El Paso Master Gardeners.

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