The world has come so far in the last few decades, and with the advent of 3D printing, we are on the cusp of some really scifi kind of shiznit! We're printing bionic ears for people that can hear better than a human ear; 3D printed guns that actually fire, in case we want to remove that newly installed bionic ear; but now, more importantly, we've got the opportunity to get our face on a Star Trek figurine!

It's not a doll. Don't ever call it a doll. It's not even an "action figure". It's a figurine. It's art.

Or something.

For only $70, you can send in a full-face picture and a profile, and Cubify will 3D print a figurine with your face on whatever Star Trek figure you choose! Pick the shirt color, pose, even a custom message on the base...but you only have original series uniforms right now, so no Next Gen yet.

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