A die-hard fan of Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno has created a toy for all ages! This kind of doll has no age limit and any grown woman would love to own. I know I sure as hell would want to purchase this Chino Moreno doll as my new cuddle buddy. Unfortunately, this Chino Moreno doll is NOT up for sale. The creator of Tusy Toys, Natasha Tusy has quite the skills when she makes celebrity look-a-like dolls.

She pretty much nailed Chino Moreno's physical appearance and stylish outfits. Natasha shows you a few outfits that you know Chino Moreno is famous for wearing. After showing off his apparel she then strips the doll down to show off his upper body. The doll doesn't have bare skin like most, it has the same tattoos placed exactly how Chino Moreno does. Chino Moreno wasn't the first doll she made since she has quite a bit more you can see on her Instagram. I feel like my inner kid is rejoicing but at the same time disappointed I can't have it!

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