The 2013 NBA Playoffs are here! YAY!!


Playoffs started Saturday, April 20th with the New York Knicks vs. the Boston Celtics; giving the Knicks the win for Game 1 with the score of 85-78. Next teams were Denver Nuggets vs. Golden State Warriors, making it a close call, Nuggets 97 - Warriors 95. The third game for Day 1-Game 1 were the Brooklyn Nets vs. Chicago Bulls ... sorry Chicago, but the loss was by 17 points. Nets 106 Chicago 89. The last game for Day 1 was Los Angeles Clippers vs. Memphis Grizzlies; Clippers taking the win 112-91.

Sunday, April 21st continued with the next set of games. Starting off with the Indiana Pacers vs. Atlanta Hawks; Hawks taking a 17 point loss, 107-90.

Next game for Day 2 were the San Antonio Spurs vs. Los Angeles Lakers ... which the loss the Lakers took in wasn't as big as the other games, but apparently was not taken in good stride by a lot of fans. Spurs took their Game 1 win 91-79. Sorry Lakers!




Next Game, my boys tore it up ... White Hot!! Miami Heat vs. Milwaukee Bucks. Lebron James scored a total of 27 points, which wasn't a high scoring compared to other games, but Bucks could have taken that as a good thing. Former Celtics, Ray Allen scored 20 points,  Wade 16 and Bosh 15. Their next game is Tuesday at Miami. Heat were up 21-8 early in the game. 26-24 by the end of the 1st quarter and 52-45 by half-time. Ending the game with Heat 110 - Bucks 87.

The last game for Day 2 Game 1 were the Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Houston Rockets. Let's see, this was Houstons first playoff game in 4 years. Kevin Durant scored a total of 24 points and he is also known for 3 NBA scoring titles. Ball was switched during the second quarter after it went into the stands and a drink spilled on it. During a break after the 3rd quarter a fan nailed a half court shot for $20,000. Unfortunately, for the Houston Rockets they took the biggest lose so far by 29 points; OKC 120 - Rockets 91.

Its only been Day 2 and it looks like these Playoffs are gonna be intense!! As for me, GO HEAT!!! :P


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