The Canadian viral sensation and growling grandmother of the band Grindmother is coming to El Paso Tuesday night!

The Metal matron herself is a 68 year-old Canadian grandmother who found her voice through her brutal growls and her son Rain Forest who got her into singing. Since Grindmother's EP, Age of Destruction, came out back in August, the guttural granny has now decided to go out on a small tour venturing out for 14 dates in the U.S.

When you first hear Grindmother, it is surprising to hear the lyrical content of her songs. In an interview with Noisey, Grindmother talked about what she sings about:

Human suffering, food, Monsanto, GMOs, the population, and positive things in there in terms of humanitarian contribution, those kinds of things, yeah....I wouldn’t say we are political. We do sing about social issues and the environment, but a lot of the songs are more about human strengths and weaknesses, power of thoughts, stuff like that.

Grindmother will be performing Tuesday night in El Paso at the Rockhouse Bar and Grill, located at 9828 Montana Avenue. Tickets are $10 for peoples ages 18-20 years old and $5 for people over 21 years old. Tickets will be available at the door. Check out Grindmother's video for "Mother Nature" above and an interview with Grindmother below.

Find more information about this show on the Facebook Event Page.

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