Every Monday we talk about The Walking Dead. We can’t help it. Lisa and I love it some much we can’t wait to ask each other about the previous night’s episode.

Oddly, though, not every single one of our listeners watches the show. And they complained that they’re “bored” or “annoyed” when we talk about something they have no interest in. I get that. I never want any listener to feel they can’t related to any part of our show. So, I guess that means I should forgo any future Monday Morning Walking Dead discussions.

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OR…I could do a brief synopsis of the show so far and then non-watchers can begin watching on Sunday night on AMC so they’ll never again feel like a second-class listener, which they will certainly be if they persist in their Non-Walking Dead watching ways.

OK, the series opens with Sheriff Rick Grimes awakening from a coma in a hospital room. Rick quickly notices that the place seems not only deserted but also in a state of disarray. As he groggily walks through the hospital he realizes that this has been a site of massive violence and blood shed. Soon, he sees that there are what appear to be walking corpses who are intent on killing the living. Rick’s main goal is to find his wife and son who he hasn’t seen since before his accident. After not finding them at his home he decides to head toward Atlanta, still searching for his family the whole time. He meets up with a few other survivors, each of whom have their own issues and personality clashes. Atlanta turns out to be overrun with the dead. More survivors join Rick’s group and they end up spending several weeks, possibly months, at the farm of a kindly old man, Hershel. The farm is overrun by zombies and Rick has to kill his best friend Shane who, if we’re being honest, was probably kind of a dick all along.

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The group finds a (mostly) abandoned prison which they decide to settle down in, grow crops and fortify. Conflict arrives in the form of The Governor, a sociopathic but charismatic leader of a nearby town. The Governor and his people go to war against Rick and his group. The Governor is repelled and his forces are decimated. Then, a couple seasons later, the Governor returns with a new group of followers and a tank. The Governor is again defeated and this time he is killed. The prison is overrun by zombies and in the confusion of evacuating, the group becomes separated.

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This is the seasons we’re in now. Each splinter-group thinks the others may not have survived. They continue to contend against the Dead, other dangerous and malicious survivors and hunger. Carol shoots a little girl , but she really had it coming.

You’re all caught up. You’re welcome. Now, stop your belly-aching.