As graduation season begins, tons of touching moments between students, school officials and the audience will be displayed all over social media. Unfortunately, one of the first graduation videos going viral is a shocking statement by a Georgia principal.

During a commencement ceremony in Lilburn, Georgia at TNT Academy, some miscommunication caused audience members to think the program was over, so they began to leave. The principal Nancy Gordeuk tried to get everyone to stop leaving by announcing the valedictorian still had time to speak.

Of course no one wanted to stay any longer than they had to at those annoying graduation ceremonies, so everyone continued to leave. Gordeuk became frustrated and started shouting at the audience, including an African-American man who came up to the podium to take a photo of the honor students with his iPad.

What really set the audience off was Gordeuk shouting, " 'Look who's leaving...all the black people!" Yeah, she totally went there.

After that statement some people walked out of the ceremony and some even walked up to the podium to yell at her. On Saturday, Gordeuk issues an apology to everyone who attended the ceremony and said she is deeply sorry for her comments. No one knows what the future holds for Gordeuk's position at the TNT Academy, but I am willing to bet she won't be in charge of anymore ceremonies anytime soon.