Geoff Tate has a video up on his website that features El Paso and his 2011 performance here with Queensryche!!

Geoff Tate rocked the El Paso Downtown Street Fest  before getting caught up in one of the nastiest band breakups in recent rock history.  (I sure hope that wasn't because I laughed when only Geoff had the huevos to try the hot sauce.)  Anyway, he's doing his own thing now ... quite well I might add! ... and one of his first post-Ryche efforts gives a nod to El Chuco!

"Around The World" shows Geoff performing all over and hanging out with a few famous friends!  (Wonder why there's no footage of them buying $5 belt buckles from the guy on the sidewalk across from The Camino?)

Slash makes an appearance as do downtown El Paso, a bunch of YOU guys and the backstage area(s) of The Abraham Chavez theater!  (The outside shots are easy to spot, the interiors are the ones where they all seem to be walking in a perpetual circle!)

If you were there, see if you can spot yourself!  :)

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