The other day on the Morning Show, Buzz had the time of his life laughing at Lisa and I. It's all because Gen Z is now saying that Millennial's, as in Lisa and I, are old and they apparently know how to tell who are Millennial's.

Over on TikTok, which I'm now convinced Gen Z is using to laugh at us, Gen Zers are saying that a middle part in the hair is the "in" style now, and that a middle part is out and old, which is what Millennial's love to wear.

As if that wasn't bad enough, then Gen Z came after our skinny jeans! The uniform I've known and love since high school has been deemed "old" and a running joke to Gen Zers on TikTok.  As you can image Lisa and I were not handling it well; meanwhile, Buzz sat back and enjoyed our sorrow- possibly as payback for all the times we told him "Ok, Boomer". Buzz claims he's Gen X- which he could be, but he has Boomer tendencies; but I digress.

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Now, many Millennial's on TikTok are retaliating at Gen Z by not conforming to their style standards, and throwing shade!

Lisa and I felt attacked for no reason!


You might be asking yourself, why would we even care what a bunch of 16 year olds on a stupid app think? Good question. I don't even know how to answer that, however, I know that I'm not that old to be "Ok, Boomer'd" by a bunch of kids who, not too long ago, were eating Tide Pods!


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