There's no doubt that Slayer's next album is one of the most anticipated discs of the New Year, and guitarist Gary Holt just gave everyone reason to believe that it's going to be special.

Speaking with SiriusXM 'Liquid Metal' host Jose Mangin (as transcribed by Revolver), Holt teased the new album's progress with some lofty platitudes. When Mangin brought up 'Implode,' the song that Slayer released last year, Holt stated, "'Implode' is a great song. I really love it. It's a lot of fun to play. Compared to the other stuff Kerry [King] has written it's nothing. Doesn't even touch it."

Holt says that he really let loose on the new album as well, revealing, "I went down to do solos and I did nine leads in one day and I went home. Everybody was like damn that was crazy, and what I did was I blew my left wrist out. I was shredding so long and hard and I just wanted to get through them and I felt pain halfway through it and I just kept going and the next day I couldn't even move my hand."

The guitarist says that he was given the chance to revisit his parts a few days later, but after listening back to what he did, Holt says, "I was just shredding man, not even gonna mess with them."

As for what fans can expect, the axeman added, "There's a little bit of everything but everything I'd reference to is 100 percent Slayer. I mean, it's crushing heavy and it's dark and sinister and it's everything you hope a Slayer album should be. There's no ballads!"

Though no official album title or street date has spilled out yet, Nuclear Blast confirmed that Slayer will be among their 2015 releases.

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