It is only appropriate to eat like a rockstar when you are a rockstar. The legendary Slayer guitarist Kerry King stopped by Rockstar Burger Bar before they performed at the Don Haskins center on May 5th. No one really picked up on this photo yet, probably because it wasn't ar L & J Cafe but it is freaking Kerry King in Downtown El Paso.

Rockstar Burger Bar via Facebook
Rockstar Burger Bar via Facebook

He took some time to grub and take photos with the staff who seemed to be in awe of a true rockstar at their restaurant that is named after rockstars. If I were them, I would totally blow up that photo with Kerry King and start a collection of actual rockstars in the restaurant because it totally backs up the name. You're Welcome. I will also accept some free burgers and fries for this idea.

You could be a burger rockstar at the KLAQ BBQ by entering our Rockstar Burger Bar Burger Competition going on the KLAQ BBQ, May 27th. Winner of this burger competition will receive $500 and the title of Rockstar Burger Maker. You can enter by clicking that button:

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