What’s dumber than a gamer paying $16,000 for the right to use a sword in a video game? How about if the game is free-to-play?

A man plunked down the huge chunk of tokens for the game ‘Age of Wulin,’ a sandbox MMO created by Snail Games. The purchase was made as part of an auction for the game that also saw the purchase of a $2,500 “Lordly Spear” sheath and a $1,600 “Hook of Departure” sheath.

The worst part is the game has yet to be released to the public so he’s basically dedicated almost a half a year of salary on a game that the world, including himself, has yet to play and doesn’t even really exist yet.

You know who is really angry about this purchase? His imaginary girlfriend. Think of all the fake vacations they could have taken with that money.