The Las Cruces Police Department is warning people to be on the lookout for fake money that may be circulating around the area. The department made a post on their Facebook page showing a picture of some of the fake currency that has been seen around town, and how people can spot the difference between fake cash and the real deal.

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According to the Las Cruces Police Department, they have been receiving reports of movie prop money that has been passed off as real money. Movie prop money is usually seen in larger denominations but there have been two separate incidents of prop $20 bills being seen in circulation. Prop money can look and feel like real money, but there are small differences between the two.

The Las Cruces Police Department gave tips to the public about how people can tell the difference between real money and movie prop money:

  • Movie prop money usually has "For Motion Picture Use Only" written along the top of the bill
  • The word "Copy" is usually printed on one or both sides of the bill
  • The president's name is sometimes removed from the bill
  • The serial numbers are usually the same on all the bills
  • The phrase "This Note Is Not Legal Tender" or "For Motion Picture Use Only" is usually seen somewhere on the bills

While people are allowed to keep and own prop money, it is illegal to pass it off as legal tender. It could be a felony or federal offense to try and spend prop money. The Las Cruces Police Department is asking for anyone who suspects they were given prop money to call the police at (575) 526-0795.


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