It's being shared on social media without concern for whether or not it's true. It says the following:

Women I need your attention if you notice a zip tie on your car, mail box, fence, ETC. They're used by sex traffickers to note you're a woman who's alone. Don't take them off when you immediately see it.

Wait until you get to a different destination because they're trying to distract you by getting it off then abducting. Same thing goes if you find something on your windshield, it's a distraction so they have time to get you.

Is this true? No, all you have to do is check Snopes. Sex trafficking is a major issue as an estimated 40 million people have been trafficked since 2016.

But the zip tie story isn't true. This started in San Angelo, TX and police have said that even though human trafficking is a real issue, they to remind citizens to "not spread rumors or unverified information through social media networks."

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