On November 1st, some news station released a report saying Gabriel Iglesias was found dead, but they couldn't confirm it. Of course, social media went crazy, assuming this report was real. Gabriel took to social media to address this really awkward situation.

The most messed up part of this death hoax, has to be the complete story of how type 2 diabetes is probably to blame. On Facebook, Gabriel addressed what needs to be done now that he is dead, and basically writes his own eulogy:

Soooo I guess I want to be buried somewhere people can visit my grave, put pretty flowers and pour diet cokes on my plot. I'm gonna want my estate to buy both plots next to me so that even in death I can stretch my legs. I would love it very much if people were to visit my grave and take selfies with it. Even in death I'm still a social media attention whore, #FarewellFluffy . There should be no charge to visit my grave so don't pay any attention to the shady guy by the gate with the comedy club passes in the new Jaguar trying to raise money by selling tickets to get in the cemetery. 

Thank goodness, this isn't true! Gabriel continued to talk about just how dumb this death hoax was, but he does see how this situation, brightens his look on life.

If this death hoax someone did about my ass has taught me anything it's that I need to enjoy more moments in life and not get so stressed out about things I can't change, especially with my self. I have people who care about me that I made happy in my life and in "the end" that's all that's really gonna matter. Thank u to everyone who texted, called and e-mailed asking if I died. I love u all!!!!


He brightens up my life with all of his jokes. Like this one below! Keep on living, Fluffy!