Over a few years ago USA TODAY did an article on traffic signs that make us chuckle, which made me chuckle! Yes, the signs in that article will give you a chuckle but I chuckled because it reminded me of the sign I saw in El Paso this past weekend!

Normally you're used to reading the signs that remind you to wear your seatbelt "Click it or ticket" message. I was the shotgun rider on a Sunday cruise with my fiancee when we came across a traffic sign that left us both laughing aloud. When we first noticed the traffic sign we were driving along the border highway heading East. This seatbelt reminder gives you a chuckle because you will read it the way you would say it out loud...if that makes sense? I like to believe if I were one of those people who NEVER wears a seatbelt, that message would convince me to snap it on!

This may give you a chuckle but I was so impressed that I wanted a picture of it. I appreciate things that grab my attention or give me a reason to laugh. Now that I know they don't just use the old-fashioned way, I will keep my eye out for those traffic messages! But to those who don't or forget to snap it, that seatbelt looks good on you!Hopefully, this will convince you to also pay attention to the traffic signs when you can on the road.

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