The Texan comedian with curly hair is returning back to the Sun City. Hopefully, you guessed right, and if you're still unsure it's Raymond Orta. The last time I recall Raymond Orta being in El Paso and in our studio was years ago in March.

Well, he is bringing back his hilarious jokes to El Chuco Town and who knows what topics he may cover. But we all know he tends to hit the topics right on the dot and leave our face cheeks hurting. Raymond Orta is best known for making jokes about serious matters.

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For example, he has cracked some funny jokes about human smuggling. Heck, even since the wall came about he made a joke about the new way to smuggle over immigrants. Raymond Orta has all sorts of jokes and can even make you into one like the man who attended his show in the video he shared above.

Lucky for you Comedian Raymond Orta will be in town for a few days next month. His first show will be Thursday, May 20, and wrapping up Sunday, May 23. You can be sure to get your laugh on with him at Bart Reed's Comic Strip for a special event.

He also has quite the jokes when it comes to his dirty sense of humor. So if you have been waiting for the day to see Raymond Orta return with the jokes that time is coming. So be sure to catch one of his shows next month in El Paso and hopefully he can visit our studio again.

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