Comedy is a wonderful thing; sometimes a little laugh can make a bad day into a better day. And comedy is a huge deal in the United States. Some of the best comedians are not just found in huge states like New York or California. Some of the best comics have been born in the Lone Star State.

Steve Martin: We all know Steve Martin from his movie roles, to his standup comedy. Born in Waco, it's hard to pick a best joke or scene from a movie because his comedy is so legendary.

Ron White: 1/4 of The Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Ron White out of Fritch, TX has not only show that he's from Texas many times during his career, he's even brought his comedy to El Paso a couple of times. Maybe you know Ron's name better by his nickname...

Bill Engvall: Another member of The Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Galveston's Bill Engvall has been doing standup for over 30 years. Bill definitely made a name for himself with his trademark "Here's Your Sign" jokes.

Steve Trevino: Born in Portland/Corpus Cristi, "America's Favorite Husband" Steve Trevino is no stranger to making El Paso laugh. He has been for years, and still does.

Steve Bridges: Hands down the best George W Bush impersonator was Steve Bridges from Dallas, TX. Sadly Steve passed away in 2012 but we still can look back on the laughs he gave us.

Jaime Foxx: If Steve Bridges was the best political impersonator, Terrell TX's Jaime Foxx might be the king of musical impressions. We've seen Jaime in many movies like Day Shift, Django Unchained, Collateral... and we've certainly his comedy a LOT of TV.

Ralph Barbosa: If you don't know the Dallas comedian Ralph Barbosa, allow me to give you a rundown of his career: he was the Funniest Comedian in Texas in 2019, he's won the HBO Latino Stand-Up Comedy Competition. You've also might have seen him joke about the differences between Texas & California.

Cristela Alonzo: Born in Hidalgo, comedy is not just a man's game. Many females have stories & jokes to tell & Cristela has proven it many times. You might have seen her show "Cristela" or perhaps you know her better for her comedy specials.

Rodney Carrington: What's better than telling jokes? If you're Longview's Rodney Carrington, telling jokes in SONG form is better. And many people agree has he's been doing comedy since 1998.

Texas Outlaw Comics: It's impossible to talk about comedy in Texas without mentioning the Texas Outlaw Comics. Formed at the Comedy Workshop in Houston during the mid-80s, the TOC gave us legends such as Sam Kinison, Bill Hicks, Ron Shock, Jimmy Pineapple among MANY names.

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