Recently, a young man got up in front of his home town's city council to ask them to consider a very simple ordinance: to legalize "happy endings" at massage parlors.

"If someone wants to yank a guy's crank, I say let 'em". These were the inspiring words of this modern day Clarence Darrow at a recent town hall meeting in Lawrence, Kansas.
Well, this, of course, sent me right down a rabbit hole of cringe-worthy yet hilarious exchanges during Town Hall-style forums. Like this one, in which an orator identifying himself as "Ace on the Case" schools the San Francisco City Hall meeting. Whatever you do, make sure you watch at least until Ace on the Case starts singing.
 I don't know if this gentleman's first name is actually "Ace" or if his last name is actually "On The Case". I did do enough research, though, that I can say one thing definitively: he is NOT a character from Dave Chappelle's show come to life.
     This next one is 10 minutes long but by the end you find yourself wishing it would continue. It's from a Village council meeting in Carpentersville, Illinois. The board president is trying to get someone to second his motion that would help him remove another council member from the board. It turns out the other board member was found guilty of beating his wife with a baseball bat, so I don't know why he was having so much trouble trying to find a single person to second his emotion. Nobody does, though and he ends up airing out all the other council member's dirty laundry and...whoooo boy, does it get nasty!
       I apologize, El Paso City Council. I have stated previously that there was no city governing board more corrupt and ridiculous than you. I stand corrected. Carpentersville, Illinois is, without doubt, at least a little worse than El Paso. It's like an episode of "Parks and Recreation" but much darker and without lovable townsfolk like Leslie Knope and Andy Dwyer.
        (Seriously, you should Google Search "Carpenterville town hall". It's one crazy video after another. Seriously. Do it.)
       Next, it's an Austin, Texas City Council meeting in which a citizen gets up to publicly accuse the mayor of sexually assaulting him by...patting him on the back?
         Nice job of keeping Austin weird, Austin!
        Finally, this is a semi-viral video of a city council meeting being interrupted by a very loud and suspiciously well-miked fart. I'm not calling the video a sham but something just doesn't...ahem...SMELL right about it?
          OK, that fart is not only right on microphone but it sounds TOO good. It sounded more like a sound effect of wind being broken rather than the real organic kind. Also, since we were talking about "Parks and Rec"...was that Jerry Gergich having another of his infamous fart attacks??

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