It's Thursday! Just one more day ... keep telling yourself that, we'll live. But first, let's get the ball rolling with Loudwire Nights with your favorite two, Full Metal Jackie and Tony LaBrie

Jackie has a good surprise for us tonight as she will be sharing her interviews from this weekend while in Jacksonville, FL. First off, Full Metal Jackie had a chance to chat with Slash. Great they finally got to do an interview in person as they always do it by phone.

Here is one of my favorite videos, "World On Fire". Enjoy! (NSFW)

Phil Labonte from All That Remains also got a chance to chat with the lovely Jackie about them at Welcome to Rockville.

Jackie chatted with Gus Wood of Young Guns. Interesting as he shares his Spinal Tap similarities. Funny guy! Here's a little flashback to when they visited and rocked KLAQ's Balloonfest a few years back.

Then, at ten,things get louder with Loudwire Nights Mission Metallica and pretty lady, Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless talks then and now.