Viva Las Vegas! Frontier Airlines have added nonstop flights to Sin City from the Sun City. We're still in the middle of a global pandemic but lots of businesses are revving up for what's being called the "roaring 20s" and an economic boom in the nation. One of the cities that will potentially see a huge boost in tourism is the City of Las Vegas. After huge shutdowns across the country since March, tourists began returning to Sin City in June, and the number of visitors has continued to increase. Experts believe there will be large increases in tourism to Las Vegas during the spring and summer of 2021 according to Yahoo News. Now, one airline wants to get more El Pasoans to Sin City faster and will be offering new flights.

The City of El Paso and Frontier Airlines announced this week in a press release there will be new, nonstop flights from the El Paso International Airport to Las Vegas International Airport. The direct flights will run two days a week, Thursdays and Sundays, and will begin on March 11, 2021. Flight connections to nationwide destinations will be available, as well as international connections to Latin America and the Caribbean. For more information on when you can begin purchasing tickets, please visit the Frontier Airlines website.

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